Thursday, 5 September 2013

Don Featherstone, passed away.

Don was one of the founding fathers of modern hobby and professional gaming. His contribution was vast.

Last year a young person came to my trade stand and explained to me that Don Featherstone did not exist. He was brand name. When I valiantly tried to explain that one man had really written all those wargaming, physiotherapy and military history books, he simply dismissed me by saying 'They did not even have word processors then'.

There is more to say, but not today. I worked with him closely over the last ten years editing new editions of his books and helping him getting new Featherstone books to print.


  1. Now if the time to celebrate Mr Featherstone's life, and I do not wish to sound a sour note. But the truth is that 15 years ago he was ignored in the UK to a disgraceful extent.

    I personally am very grateful to you for your work which has done much to redress this and resulted in the widespread and genuine loss now felt. I am sure he was gratified by seeing his books in print once more.

    Thank you.


  2. John you've done fine work keeping his books in print. I constantly go back to Wargames Campaigns for ideas.

    What a pity there will not be any more.

  3. Don was very pleased to see his work back and it was great to see odd new chapters appearing here and there in his rules. He was very proud of seeing the lost book about wargaming commando operations in print. He was discounted in the UK for a while, but now simple, well written rules are back and Don recognised them as descendents of the work of the early wargamers. War Hammer could be seen as 'Featherstone rules in a dress'

  4. Kids these days, huh....

  5. What does one say at the funeral of Don Featherstone? I am pondering on this one.