Saturday 17 December 2016

With Thanks to Henry Hyde Editor of Miniature Wargames 2006-2016

Henry Hyde stepped down as editor of one of the major wargaming magazines in October 2016 to pursue other projects.

He was editor during a period of great change in wargaming:

Over the last 10 years:

  • Wargaming shops on the high street have almost vanished. 
  • Ebay has become a major part of selling and buying 2nd hand wargaming stuff. 
  • Facebook/ Twitter feeds, blogs, Pininterest and other social media have allowed geographically dispersed wargamers to link up and network. 
  • Professional wargaming has emerged from the shadows and the hobby is contributing to professional games and visa versa. 
  • The hobby has rediscovered its respect for some of the early modern wargames, acknowledging the best work of the founding fathers, and in the finest tradition of the early wargamers, many people are again writing their own rules and modifying the work of others. 
  • The History of Wargaming Project has developed into  a key focus of older wargaming material, as well as documenting professional wargaming. 

Henry, through his  editorship of Miniature Wargames has been a commentator on these paradigm changes and also a part of influencing these changes.

So this wargamer would like to publicly say thank you for your hard work and encouragement over the last decade.