Thursday 19 January 2017

A week in the History of Wargaming Project

Ordered final 2 proof copies; one a new book about Lionel Tarr, the first modern wargamer (modern as in WWII) and a 2nd edition of Tank Battles series on the Arab and Israeli Wars, volume 5. Both should be in print within the next two weeks.

Arthur Harman is working hard proof reading Donald Featherstone’s War Games Through the Ages volume 2 for me. While he is doing that, I am preparing the volume 4 of the series. 

Graham Longley Brown, a key UK professional wargamer, has started on a new book on professional wargaming, this is looking very interesting.  We have agreed an outline of the book and some of the material is now coming together,

Peter Perla, 1 of the doyans of professional wargaming, is exploring with me the possibility of a new book on professional wargaming. 

The new book by Chris Engle et al on the theory of matrix games is progressing well. 

Started work on a new book on medieval wargaming book with Richard Brooks (the military historian). 

Received a science fiction set of rules with a view to publishing them. 

Waiting for some material to be declassified, before going to print with a new book on modern professional matrix games. I am expecting the classification to be dropped in March. 

I was asked about working on some cyber wargames in London later this year, cyber wargames are the new frontier of professional wargaming.