Friday 29 August 2014

Matrix Games for Modern Wargaming

“In Matrix Games, knowledge, imagination, and persuasiveness dominate. Both the referee and the players find their greatest success by drawing on their storytelling skills. In many ways, Matrix Games boil down the art of gaming to its essence”. Peter Perla

The project aims to document the development of wargaming, including current developments in professional wargames.

Invented by Chris Engle, Matrix Games are an innovative way of wargaming situations and conflicts that traditional wargaming methods find hard to model. This book was written as a manual to help develop and run matrix games about modern conflicts. The examples included have all been used for real military training to develop understanding of complex confrontations.
This book includes:
A foreword by Peter Perla, author of the classic Art of Wargaming.
An introduction to Matrix Games       
S.C.R.U.D. Simple Combat Resolution Using Dice

The five scenarios are:
The Falklands War (1982)
Chaoslavia- Former Yugoslavia (1993)          
Crisis in Crimea: A Counter Revolution (March 2014)           
The Red Line- The Civil War in Syria (August 2013) 
Lasgah Pol- Peace keeping in Afghanistan (2008)