Saturday 19 March 2016

Classic Quotes from Professional Wargaming 2016

My wife compares the History of Wargaming Project to a lost parcels office. Stuff which no one else knows what to do with eventually arrives here. Sometimes it is old material, sometimes it is relative new developments in professional wargaming.

There is also an oral history of wargaming being developed around us. Sometimes quotes from this discussion about professional wargaming are worth repeating. These are my 3 favourite for the financial year 2015/6

"If someone in the military dismissed a wargame designed by a civilian with "only soldiers could create real wargames" ... There is no known correlation between being good at one's job and being good at analyzing it." Stephen Downes Martin, Fellow of the Naval War College

“Only soldiers can create them games that reinforce their prejudices and demonstrate their brilliance to themselves, if not to the enemy. The guys with that attitude don't want to know what's true, only to confirm what they believe to be true.” Peter Perla Author of Peter Perla’s Art of Wargaming.

“I have been to hell ... and it's full of bureaucrats masquerading as wargamers.” Stephen Downes Martin, Fellow of the Naval War College.
Do you have any classic wargaming quotes?