Sunday 22 March 2015

Charlie Wesencraft Refights Arnhem at Wargames Holiday Centre

This year the Donald Featherstone Memorial Weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre UK involved refighting the Battle of Arnhem.

Charlie Wesencraft surveying the Arnhem town where he defeated the British Airborne.

Charlie Wesencraft and Mark Freeth (owner of the centre) commenting on the German recce adancing over the bridge at Arnhem. Lionel Tarr, the first wargamer to devise modern wargaming rules for recreational use, was there (See Early Wargames Volume 4 for Lionel Tarr rules).

Charlie Wesencraft now has 3 wargaming books in print through the History of Wargaming Project:

Practical Wargaming

With Pike and Musket

Seven Steps to Freedom Wargaming the French and Indian War and the American War of Independence