Wednesday 24 December 2014

New book by Charlie Wesencraft and new book about early naval wargames

I am very pleased 2 more books have gone to print.

Charlie Wesencraft's Seven Steps to Freedom: Wargaming the French and Indian War and the American War of Independence is a new book. Started a few decades ago, I provided a bit of help to polish the book to get it ready to print. About the French Indian Wars and the AWI it has a foreword by Henry Hyde, This is the third book by one of the real gentlemen who helped launch modern wargaming with toy soldiers.

The second book is Over Open Sights: Early Naval Wargaming Rules 1873-1904 Early Wargames Volume 6  Dec 2014 by Fred Jane, Lieutenant Castle R.N., Captain Colomb R.N.Lieutenant H. Chamberlain R.N. and me

This aims to play Fred Jane in his correct place as part of sequence of professional Royal Naval late 19th century wargames. Jane's innovation and imagination were huge, but he built on the work of others.

So what next? Donald Featherstone's Battles with Model Soldiers, a new book Sue Barker 'An Introduction to Ancient Wargaming, a new book by Phil Dunn about his massive global wargame, a new book about using serious games in emergency planning in the health service by Russell King and a new book about a very important wargaming campaign- details to follow.

I continue to get random but important contributions. Tim Gow has found a set of amendments for the WRG 2nd edition ancient rules to convert them to medieval use. I will add them as a pdf to my site shortly. Someone else sent me stuff that included some military wargames and I am seeking permission to reproduce. I have another 40 books in my production schedule...