Saturday 28 June 2014

More wargaming books about to go to print

The first book will be a new book on wargaming the American War of Independence by Charlie Wesencraft. The book is being proof ready before being sent to Henry Hyde to add a foreword.

The next will be a book on Matrix games as used for professional modern wargaming. Matrix games were the clear innovation of Chris Engle and they allow the new generation of wars to gamed for operational analysis, training and professional development purposes. They are also a lot of fun.

The long awaited book on early naval wargaming is almost ready. 5 years and a £1000 later all the materials are ready and I am just adding commentary.

Phil Dunn's new book, Your World War, has been typed up, formatted and is now just being checked. It was a challenging job to bring together a stack of material from campaigns he ran 1950-1970 into one cohesive rule set. They key task has been not to alter the original, but just format it so all the rules relating to each subject are together.

Just received another small wargaming archive. One of the best bits of the project is the excitement of finding previously unknown wargaming material and getting it to print.