Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Funeral of Sgt Donald Featherstone 51st Royal Tank Regiment

The service began with the theme music from the Battle of Britain film (Don liked it), then went onto an outline of Don's life.

Poverty, to soldier, physiotherapist, medical author, wargaming author, military historian, father, loss of his son, 200 battlefield tours, Rotarian, friend to many.

I spoke about Sgt Featherstone's military career, then Chris Scott gave a moving account of his wargaming and battlefield tours.

The celebrant included some quotes from the many eloquent reflections about Don made across the Internet.

Music included 'My Boy Willie' by the Royal Tank Regiment Band and 'We'll meet again' by Dame Vera Lynn.

It concluded with the Last Post and 'Taps' music.

A dignified occasion attended by his 2 daughters, 4 grand children and many of his friends.

Don, may you rest in peace, we will miss you.


  1. Henry Hyde (editor of Miniature Wargames and Battlegames), gives an amusing account of the discussion planning a suitable memorial for Don Featherstone.

    Actually, it was a 'broom cupboard' meeting) start listening at around 1:43:15. (the whole pod cast is err... 3 hours long!)

    The show can be downloaded via iTunes or direct from the VftV website at