Friday, 27 September 2013

Phil Dunn's Fire and Fury, new naval wargaming book

Phil and I were talking about how to create some relatively simple naval wargames, so I set him the challenge of writing a new book. The result was a 107 page book with has various rules and scenarios that Phil has been playing for the last decade or so.

The new book was also the opportunity to include more of Paddy Griffith's previously unpublished material. The Paddy Griffith chapter includes the RMAS wargaming clubs naval wargaming rules for the Napoleonic era and includes a scenario as written by Paddy.


  1. How can the book be obtained? Colin Darlington, Halifax NS Canada

  2. Good question. The book is now selling from my site

    and will be available via other online book sellers in due course in approximately 8 weeks (the time it takes to get through the book distribution channels)