Thursday, 17 January 2013

Update on Fletcher Pratt Naval Wargame

As a few of you might know I have been hunting down original material on the Fletcher Pratt naval wargame. Over the years, I had enough to publish a book on the subject.

I reckoned there were only three more sources of unpublished Pratt material in the world. Two collections the size of a small shoe box and a large box worth.

Well, at last after a period of tense negotiations and help from some random American wargamers who I have never met, I am now confident the large box of Pratt stuff being dispatched to me from a cellar in the US. It apparently includes an original model ship or two.

I was sent a random page by email and by chance it had the formula Pratt used for his armour penetration. It was in a letter from Doc Clarke (Pratt's umpire). This alone would be good, but I am hopeful of more. Of course, it may just be a duplicate of what I have already found.

Is it going to contain the other half of the Fletcher Pratt Napoleonic Ship game (I have half), will it have the missing optional rules for individual ships (I know they had the rules, I just do not have them)? Will it have new material I had no idea existed? I live in hopes.

One of the really nice things about the project has been ordinary wargamers from around the planet who put pen to paper and send me interesting bits which add to the project.


  1. Hello John,
    I hope all is well with you. Looking forward to any and all updates regarding the Fletcher Pratt Naval War-game project ... Jeff

    1. Phil Dunn (author Sea Battles) has just finished some chapters for a new book on early naval wargaming. I just need to get DBA 2.2, Operation Warboard and Napoleonic Campaigns in Miniature to print.

  2. I am now an old man. In my youth a group based in Chicago used to play a game every 1st Saturday of the month, using the Fletcher Pratt rules. There would be as many as 45 guys show up to play. They always played on a church basketball court. They used 1/1200 scale ships. It was great fun. They used to publish a quarterly journal called 'Splashmarks'. Many of the members of the club are no longer with us. They would create historical as well as what if scenarios.