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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

New book: Modern Crises Scenarios for Matrix Wargames

“In Matrix Games, knowledge, imagination, and persuasiveness dominate. Both the referee and the players find their greatest success by drawing on their storytelling skills. In many ways, Matrix Games boil down the art of gaming to its essence”. Peter Perla

Invented by Chris Engle, Matrix Games are an innovative way of wargaming situations and conflicts that traditional wargaming methods find hard to model. Since the book Matrix Games for Modern Wargaming was first published in 2014, they have made a massive impact on professional military education, operational analysis and training. 

This book was written in response to requests for a more comprehensive account of how the Matrix Game methodology has developed, plus more real examples of such games from the active edge of their professional application in the UK. 

This book includes six more scenarios to demonstrate different aspects of the method:

  • Baltic Challenge: NATO / Russian Posturing in the Baltic Sea    
  • Mare Nostrum: Russian/ NATO Posturing in the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean
  • The Nine-Dash Line: Incidents in the South China Sea
  • Election in Centralia
  • DPRK: Conflict on the Korean Peninsula
  • De Valera's War: Irish Neutrality in WW2 by John Basset OBE

 This book is published by the History of Wargaming Project as part of its ongoing work to document current practise in wargaming. 

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