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Saturday, 24 May 2014

New books

I finally got around to doing a new edition of Donald Featherstone's classic book war game. This was the book that did more to launch modern wargaming than any other. I have learnt a lot about editing over the last few years, so I was pleased to have found the time to revisit one of my earliest books.

Donald Featherstone's tank battle series is nearly finished. I have now published volume 3 which is about battles on the Western Front 1944-45. Bruce Quarrie's book is still a classic.

The third book this month is about collecting 1/32 scale figures for the Alamo. Toy soldiers are an essential part of our hobby and I decided to take the opportunity to include 5 books on this area in the project. The Alamo book is the 2nd book about toy soldiers, and the next will be on Airfix.

My next three books are on early naval wargames, Phil Dunn's World War rules (the rules that he used to fight global wargames) and a new book by Charlie Wesencraft. Actually, the latter was lost and now its found.So I am aiming it to get to print in the shortest possible time. Of course, I may get distracted and another book could jump the publishing queue.


  1. Will they be available as ebooks?

    1. By the end of the week I should have Featherstone War Games and Tank Battles Volume 3 on the Kindle.

    2. What is the Wesencraft book about?

    3. The new Wesencraft book is about the American Civil War. It is currently with the typist.